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Special Events Team


Special Events Team is dedicated to both supporting non-profit fundraisers and producing events of our own. This program is designed to supply non-profits with a team of reliable and enthusiastic volunteers for their biggest events of the year. With a huge roster of volunteers we can take care of any position your organization needs filled, from setup and breakdown, registration and silent auction, bartending and more. The team thrives on team opportunities and important events, so a non-profit can be sure they’ve got a stellar group supporting their biggest annual events.

We also produce events in the community that raise money, spread awareness, or unite the community for good times. We’ve got a roster full of event coordinators and hustlers, ready to take an event from seed idea to creation.

If you’ve got an event you’d like our Special Events Team to support, contact us HERE and let us know!

Junior Hustlers


Junior Hustlers is designed to support Millennial engagement in the non-profit sector. We create a club at each school (high school or college) that unites and organizes students to both fulfill their required community service hours, and engages them with SB non-profits, cause work, and real challenges in our community.

We believe that the youth are our future, and by helping them get involved now, while they’re young, we will both change their lives and the community for the better.

Our team approach to volunteering and cause work helps students connect to their passions and favorite causes, and to offer their strengths and ideas where they matter most.

If you’re a high school or college student, or a parent of one, and want to learn more, please send us an email HERE.

2020 Forum


2020 Forum is focused on producing and promoting events that move our community forward. 2020 Forum events shine light on SB’s core causes and most pressing challenges, from human trafficking, renewable energy, food system and homelessness. By bringing our community together to discuss pressing topics, and shed light our biggest challenges, we can most effectively move toward solutions and implement new ideas.

This program is not about spreading Bad News and leaving our community “in the mess.” Instead, we aim to bring a positive perspective to each area or challenge, so that in spite of challenges, disagreement and uncertainty, we can best unite as One community and evolve together consciously.