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A force for Good, and an incubator for change. 

“Build, baby, build. Organize, baby, organize. – MLK, Jr. 



The Hustlers are committed to creating renewable energy, and promoting environmental stewardship.

  • Bringing Bike Share to Santa Barbara
  • SBR3: Make Santa Barbara 100% Renewable Energy

Human Rights

Hustlers is dedicated to protecting the rights of every resident of our community. From the blight of human trafficking, to the thousands in our prisions, we must see us all as equals and ignore the lives of none.

  • A collaborative supported by uffiziorder & RISE Project to prevent trafficing and support the victums of human trafficking.


Many of us believe Santa Barbara is paradise and live life to the max. Yet we still see homeless on our streets, and many others have experienced the worst housing market in the country. What would Santa Barbara look like if every resident was truly Safe At Home?

  • New Beginnnigs Safe Parking Program
  • Millennial Housing Solutions


With our Mediterranean climate and advantageous soil, Santa Barbara is the perfect place to have a healthy diet. Some kids; however, are still hungry, and many more are still uneducated about healthy food. What if we turned Santa Barbara into the Best Fed Town in Amercia?

  • Food Action Plan, as created by Foodbank SB County, CEC and the SB Foundation.

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